So many people look at Preppers and think that we are crazy people that are preparing for the End of the World. While this may be true for many, the majority of Preppers are practical and prepare for many different kinds of disasters.


The last few weeks have really made me glad that I have supplies available. We have had tornados in TX, OK, KS, MS, IL and throughout the Midwest.


Today is the first day of Hurricane season. FEMA has warned that the predictions this year are for a very active season and urge residents of hurricane prone areas to have supplies ready, evacuation routes planned, and to prepare their families for when a storm may hit their area.


As I have been watching the news of the tornados over the last few weeks and they are showing so many people that were leaving their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, all I could think was “where are their Bug Out Bags”? If they all had their BOB’s handy they would at least have a change of clothes, some food for a few days, copies of their important legal documents, shelter, and the list goes on.  Something so simple and easy can make a huge difference when a disaster hits our homes. Being able to grab a backpack that I know has everything that I need to survive for a minimum of three days gives me and my family a great amount of peace.


While the government has put in place many disaster recovery plans, there is no possible way that they can provide the necessary supplies to take care of everyone that needs help. It is important that each family take the time to decide what they need for their household, get those supplies ready, then have them easily available in the event of evacuation. Sit down as a family and make a plan. Many times the family will not be together when a storm hits. Have a plan and location to meet up. Have a backup location and established times to wait before going to that backup location. Remember that cell phone service may either be out or busy with everyone else trying to reach their family members. If possible have other ways to reach each other. Practice your plans, meet up at your planned locations, drive your evacuation routes and have alternate routes in case your primary is blocked for some reason.


Make Get Home bags for each vehicle. These are similar to a Bug Out Bag bug with a little less stuff in them. They are designed to give you the supplies needed to get you from work, or wherever you may be, to home on foot. I know some people that keep their Bug Out Bag with them in their vehicles all the time. They are ready to go from wherever they may be.


Whatever you do, do something. Anything is better than nothing. Having even a small amount of supplies ready and available in the event of a disaster can make a huge difference for you and your family. Now is the time. If the recent storms are not enough to get you started then nothing will.


Plan, plan, plan then plan again, then have 10 contingencies for your plans.