·        6-Gallon bucket and kit 

·        Two (2) liter bottles of water (not included in kit)

·        One (1) bottle liquid laundry soap

·        Bleach

·        One (1) bottle liquid fabric softener

·        50-100 ft. clothesline & 100 clothespins

·        One (1) box fabric softener sheets

·        One (1) toilet plunger


Washing and Sanitizing Laundry:

You can prevent the spread of disease by washing and sanitizing cloth items. Sort items that need to be presoaked or washed separately. Wash cloth items in hot, soapy water. Rinse the laundry carefully. Dry the laundry in bright sunlight. Sunlight will kill germs and parasites. Try to find ways to make washing laundry an easier job.

Making a Hand-Powered Washing Machine:

You can make a washing machine from a toilet plunger with a rubber suction cup, and a tall pail with a cover. The pail should be at least twice as big around as the cup on the plunger. Make a small hole in the cover of the pail to put the handle of the toilet plunger through. Fill the pail with soapy water and clothe items. Put the cover on the pail with the plunger inserted through the cover. Raise the plunger above the water in the pail and lower it. Use quick up- and down strokes. The plunger should come above the water on the upstrokes but should not hit bottom on the down-strokes. Wait a few seconds between strokes, then repeat as needed.


There are many uses for dryer sheets:

Repel mosquitoes: Tie a sheet of fabric softener through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season.

Eliminate static electricity from the television screen. Since it is designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe the television screen or computer monitor with a used sheet of fabric softener to keep dust from resettling.

Dissolve soap scum from shower doors. Clean with a used sheet of fabric softener.

Freshen the air in the home. Place an individual sheet of fabric softener in a drawer or hang one in the closet.

Prevent thread from tangling. Run a threaded needle through a sheet of fabric softener to eliminate the static cling on the thread before sewing.

Eliminate static cling from pantyhose. Rub a damp, used fabric softener sheet over the hose.

Prevent musty suitcases. Place an individual fabric softener sheet inside empty luggage before storing.

Freshen the air in your car. Place a sheet of fabric softener under the front seat.

Clean baked-on food from a cooking pan. Put a sheet of fabric softener in the pan, fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean. The anti-static agents apparently weaken the bond between the food and the pan while the fabric softening agents soften the baked-on food.

Eliminate odors in wastebaskets. Place a sheet of fabric softener at the bottom of the wastebasket.

Collect pet hair. Rubbing the area with a sheet of fabric softener will magnetically attract all the loose hairs.

Eliminate static electricity from venetian blinds. Wipe the blinds with a sheet of fabric softener to prevent dust from resettling.

Wipe up sawdust from drilling or sandpapering. A used sheet of fabric softener will collect sawdust like a tack cloth.

Eliminate odors in dirty laundry. Place an individual sheet of fabric softener at the bottom of a laundry bag or hamper.

 Deodorize shoes or sneakers. Place a sheet of fabric softener in shoes or sneakers overnight so they’ll smell great in the morning.