Contributed by Prepper Helper

Preppers all have their own ideas on what kind of shelter they need when the time comes to bug out (BO).  What are some options for shelters? Is there one best answer? Is it okay to have multiple shelter options?
First of all, there is not one best answer for a shelter. Everyone needs to look at where they are going to bug out, how are they getting there and how long do they expect to be there. There is also the factor of cost. You need to purchase items that are within your price range. Then there is the ability to transport your shelter or shelters if needed.
Now, is it okay to have multiple shelter options? Unless this is not obvious to all, the answer is YES.. I have addressed this many times. We all need to have contingency plans.  What if you need to take a different route to get to your Bug Out Location (BOL)? If that route takes you a day or two longer, do you have a shelter that will protect you and your family during the trip? What will you do if this happens, or that happens, or maybe another thing happens? So that answers that question.
Now, the biggest question; what are some options for your shelter? This is where it gets fun. This is one category that is very large and varied. There are limitations of cost, room, transport, and feasibility. How permanent do you want to have your shelter?
In our family we have a lot of different options for shelters. We have cabins off the grid that are self-supportive, with a good water supply, a sewage system, solar power, generators and room to garden. This is a very permanent set up.  We also have travel trailers that have pads set up at the BOL and can be used during a BO.  My parents also have a box trailer that they love to take out camping. They use it to transport their supplies and then set up sleeping quarters in the back on cots with a tarp over the back like a canopy. 
We have multiple tents in any and all configurations imaginable:

·         We have ultra-light tents.

·         Three to ten man dome tents.

·         Large canvas tents for sleeping and for mess tents.

·         We have tent stoves, cots and other supplies that we can use to set up a temporary BOL if needed before we get to our off grid BOL.

Many Preppers have underground bunkers that are self-sustaining as well. These can be much more expensive and limited by location, accessibility, and cost. If you have a location that is feasible for a bunker and you feel that is the best option for you, then all means that is your decision.
I do not intend to recommend any specific option for anyone. We all have our specific needs, abilities and resources. We need to take all of that into consideration. My best recommendation is to have multiple options. One is none, two is one, and three is two.

Plan, plan, plan, then plan again, then have 10 contingencies for your plans.